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Dedicated to helping those with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia.

Care to Plan is Going to Change Lives!

The Care to Plan Resource Directory is something I have dreamed about for over 30 years; my dream has come true for both families and professionals allowing easy access to a variety of resources, services, tools, products and events specific to dementia and caregiving.

Lori La Bey, Alzheimer's Speaks

An ‘Easy Button’ to Find Answers!

People need a reliable up to date source to be informed health consumers and to make better decisions about their health. This is particularly true for Alzheimer’s disease since it affects the person, their family care provider and the need to manage other conditions that may be present.

Stephen Waring, Essentia Health

A Resource Masterpiece!

Collecting resources and keeping them up-to-date is vital but finding a central location to store such resources is even more important. With the Care to Plan Resource Directory not only will we have one central platform but we will be able to easily share these resources with others. We cannot wait for this tool to launch!

Stephanie Holmes, Central Alabama Aging Consortium

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